When the Cobbler Gets New Shoes

If you’ve been a client of ours, you know that Deb Esborn is a very talented designer.  She recently took on her own bathroom renovation at home and experienced first-hand what it’s like to live through a renovation.  Here’s what she had to say about her own experience…

So what happens when a bath designer finally gets a new bathroom?  A good perspective.  Living through construction at my own home has given me a new appreciation for what you, our clients, go through.  I started picking out selections a few years ago.  Since my family was doing a lot of the woBath Remodel 2015 (79)rk ourselves we weren’t in a rush- it’s that cobbler thing.  I second guessed every decision along the way… did I pick the right wall tile?  Would it look good with the granite?  What about the door style?  Is this the right shade of paint?  It made me appreciate my clients who pick something and move on to the next selection, never looking back.

Once you’ve made all the selections and the work is finally ready to begin, then there is the disruption to your daily routine.  I have two dogs- one is a little high strung, so I wanted to keep him away from the trade partners (we used the trade people that George Davis, Inc. uses- Turek Tile, Hassett Mechanical Contractors, and Cape Cod Marble and Granite.)  What time are they coming? Should I put the dogs in the room upstairs?  Will they bark the whole time? Fortunately, my son was able to help out with that,
but whether it’s dogs, scheduling, or other commitments, it gave me a different understanding and perspective of what our clients go though.


Lastly, I appreciate our carpenters more.  I started in this business with carpentry skills that my father taught me, but they’re fairly basic compared to the skill set of our team.  There are always things that don’t go perfectly on every job, and their job as a carpenter is to figure out a way to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We ran into a few of these challenges ourselves, but with some creativity, and a question or two directed at the experts of GDI, we fixed them in spite of ourselves.

The best part of the project is, of course, the final result and how everything came together beautifully. The dogs didn’t bark incessantly, the punch list is done, and if truth be told, I used the first tile I picked out 3 years ago, and I love it.

Now it’s time  to decide on the next project…

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