GDI Response to COVID-19

Dear Valued Clients, Vendors, and Friends,

We hope this note finds you healthy and hopeful.  In light of the obvious uncharted waters we’re navigating, we’ve decided to make the following changes to our work habits, for the time being …

  1. All projects underway, beginning soon or those still in Design will continue as per schedule.
  2. Our offices will remain staffed though anyone who has reason to suspect they’ve been exposed, are symptomatic or vulnerable will be required to work from home.
  3. Likewise the field staff will limit unnecessary interaction with the public by limiting coffee and lunch runs and will take advantage of supplier deliveries.  Additionally, if any field staff are suspected to be contagious in any way they will be required to stay home.  We provide sick, personal and vacation pay and will support our valued employees in whatever way is needed.
  4. Physical meetings will be severely curtailed; we will rely on emails, phone calls, conference calls and texts to communicate.  Given that much of our communication is already remote, this shouldn’t be too difficult.
  5. We will provide requisite sanitizing products and require good hygiene practice.
  6. If you’re considering giving us a call about a project, no need to hesitate! We often meet on-site with someone that is considering renovations to their home.  In order to practice social distancing, for the time being, this will be replaced by a phone call meeting with George.  Any additional information such as photos, paperwork, or ideas that you can email us prior to this phone call would be most helpful.  As soon as we can safely do so, George will then visit your home for a more in-depth review.

While we may have yet to see the apex of this national challenge I am confident that if each of us does our part we will minimize impacts, learn lessons and be stronger for it.  If you have any questions or concerns specific to your project please call, email or text.  We’re here for you.


George and Beth Davis

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To our friends and customers

More than ever, we have come together in our homes. In fact, our homes are more important to us than ever. They are our workplace, our safe place, a refuge for our families. For each homeowner, our goal has always been to listen to you, to envision with you, to create a place of happiness and well-being. A space and place where you and your family feel connected and at peace. Since 1988, our family has grown, both in the business sense and personally. From a company of one started while George was a student at Babson College to an award winning Design Build company with offices in Yarmouth and Orleans, we remain dedicated to and so very proud of both families- our work one and our five kids. Never more have we realized or valued the concepts of home and of family. We imagine we are not alone. As we celebrate our essential workers and give our time and treasure to our community, we remain hopeful that what we value and who we value matters. Brighter days and homes filled with family and friends are returning soon. Let’s plan for that together.