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What you’re saying…

“You delivered what you promised”

This letter is a bit overdue, but I wanted to write to you before your Monday meeting so you can convey my sincere thanks to everyone on your team.  It’s unusual for me to hire for such a large project without getting multiple bids or references. But when I met you and Deb that first day, you both immediately struck me as not only knowledgeable and talented, but professional and principled, and I knew I didn’t have to look any further.

One always hears horror stories about renovations – failures in timing, communication and budget overruns. I’m thrilled to see that there were zero failures here.  To the contrary, I found the entire process to be a truly pleasurable experience. You delivered what you promised, above and beyond the call of duty!  Every one of your in-house team and outside contractors were incredibly skilled, gracious and personable. Each demonstrated patience, flexibility, a genuine eagerness to help, and a sincere commitment to getting the job done right.

I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Please thank everyone involved in the project. They have my enormous respect and gratitude.  They are truly wonderful representatives for your company.

– Susan, Mashpee

“… make our home a sanctuary.”

Thank you for all you do for us to make our home a sanctuary. We truly appreciate your attention to detail and follow through.”

– Bob & Pamela, Dennis

“Quality and honesty are lacking in so many businesses today- not so with George Davis, Inc.”

The transformation of our small Cape Cod retreat is amazing! We now have the most beautiful house on our street- replacing an old, tired looking house and we could not be happier. We knew we were in the right hands even before embarking on this project with George Davis, as we were able to witness first-hand renovations he completed to a neighbor’s house.
We originally thought about adding a 3-season room to our “summer” house and at George’s suggestion, ended up with an addition that will be used all year in our “retirement” home. To begin the process we needed survey and legal services and with George’s recommendations we worked with extremely professional and knowledgeable people, who got their jobs done efficiently and effectively. Once the project was underway, the communication was open and, thankfully, without any surprises. Along the way we asked for some modifications to things we had not thought about and these did not present any issues for George and his staff. Paula was fantastic, keeping us informed and not living at the Cape, we especially enjoyed the progress photos. Quality and honesty are lacking in so many businesses today, not so with George Davis. Overall, we are extremely satisfied and enjoying our new space.

– Scott & Patty, West Dennis

“…project was done to perfection”

I just want to express our appreciation for the professionalism, punctuality and high level of communication from all your staff during the project.  This may have been a small project to you and your team, but it was big to us and the project was done to perfection.  Greg and Paula are truly gifted members of your staff.  We will have future projects for sure and we will look to you and your firm to help us out again.

– Jack & Jacquie, West Dennis

“…candor and insight were invaluable”

Janet and I were on the Cape this weekend and we’re so pleased with how everything is turning out. I think it’s safe to say that the workmanship has exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to move in. We feel that it’s second to none.

Although I’m sure that you know this already, your staff has been terrific to work with, both friendly and professional. They have been so helpful and responsive at every turn. While everyone has been great, two people in particular have made what could be a very stressful situation for us far less so, Joe and Paula. I’m sure that, at times, I have driven them crazy with questions, requests, etc., but you would never know it from their interactions with me. They have kept us up to with progress and issues and have promptly followed up and through on every item raised. Paula’s progress reports and pictures have helped to ease the difficulty of being so far away from the project and wondering what’s happening and she has been an absolute delight to work with. We always felt that we were in good hands with her managing our project; she is thorough and organized. Joe has also been great. He was not only always so pleasant to interact with, but also seemed to drop everything else to promptly address whatever issue was raised. We were impressed with his creativity and vision as he strived to meet our needs and requests. They both made us feel as if we were their most important focus and concern. Their customer service was/is outstanding and that applies to your entire staff.

I would be remiss if I did not also point out our appreciation to you for your guidance and counsel during the planning for the project. Your candor and insight were invaluable and we were so impressed that you were recommending things that would best meet our needs, not simply things that would mean more money for you. I can’t tell you how refreshing that was and it sealed the deal in deciding to contract with you.

So, thank you George for reinforcing our trust in you and your company. We hope for your continued success and we extend to all of you our most sincere best wishes and gratitude.

– Rich & Janet, West Dennis

“…a pleasure working with all of you”

I love my “new” house!!  We have been slowly putting it back together whenever we can squeeze in some time.  And I, of course, want all new stuff for the new house so there’s that, too. It was truly a pleasure working with all of you at George Davis, Inc.  George must be very happy and proud to have such a great team!

– Peggy, South Yarmouth

“…you turned our diamond in the rough into a diamond”

From the time we began to work with you in late winter, Paul & I felt assured that you cared as much about our renovation as we did, and we were assured that you knew much more about the intricacies of design, craftsmanship and local permitting than we ever would.

From the day we purchased the property 18 years ago, we were drawn to it as a refuge from the intense pressure and stress of our working days at home.  We did everything we could to update it little by little, but always loved it, even as diamond in the rough! Now, it is a diamond at least to us and our family and friends who have been flocking to our house to see it in the past few weeks.  I find myself repeating the word “beautiful” not only to them but to myself every time I walk through the door.  Even the smallest details are a tribute to your team’s professionalism and skill.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

– Paul & Mary Ellen, South Yarmouth

“…refreshingly positive”

The decision was made to add on to our vacation home in South Yarmouth. Basically we were doubling the size of the existing house. The decision to proceed with the addition was the easy part. Now, we had to find a contractor to handle the project for us while we were 150 miles away. This proved to be a daunting task. Word of mouth turned up contractors that either didn’t return calls, missed scheduled appointments or were too small to tackle the project. A search of the internet for building contractors local to South Yarmouth produced George Davis, Inc. Checking out the website reminded us of how many times we had driven by his nicely restored building without realizing it.

A call was made and an appointment was set up to meet with George and review our initial thoughts for the addition. George showed up on time in a clean George Davis, Inc. truck. Base on the other contractors that was a good start. It was all refreshingly positive from there. We showed him some rough ideas of what we were thinking for the project. He offered some ideas and we decided to go with him for the initial design phase. We were blown away. The preliminary design that they produced was exactly what we wanted.

An estimate was given to us that was based on this design. We decided to give the project to George Davis, Inc. and it was the best decision we could have made. Every aspect of the build exceeded our expectations. The workmanship was fantastic. Communication was an initial concern of ours being so far away while the project was ongoing. Between the phone calls, emails and text messages all went smooth. When an issue did arise (with the existing house) it was photographed and emailed along with recommendations on how George Davis, Inc. thought the problem “could” be resolved along with the recommendation on how they thought it “should” be dealt with.

We had the pleasure of working with many members of the George Davis, Inc. team. Paula MacNiece and Joe Bergstrom were the two we worked closest with. Paula made sure every detail of the project came to fruition and was a genuine pleasure to work with. Joe was the key to keeping track of our multiple change requests and making our ideas a reality “on paper”. Deirdre, Dacia, Jay, Ben and John were all great to deal with.

It was truly a pleasant and positive experience dealing with George Davis and the qualified team he has assembled. When it comes time for the next project on our house you can bet the first call we make will be to George Davis, Inc.

– Dave, South Yarmouth

“…the expert crew respected our home”

We knew we wanted to remove the tub from our master bath and replace it with the largest walk in shower we could possibly fit in our small space. The design help and suggestions we received from the George Davis staff, especially Deb Esborn, were terrific and spot on for our needs. She even met me at the tile vendor to help me chose the right tile for the design she proposed and helped us avoid any design errors when picking out the fixtures! Most importantly, the expert crew that did the demo and installation respected our home and did a great job. During the work their crew chief stopped in regularly, kept us informed on the work schedule and pushed the permitting process along. We have no regrets about choosing George Davis, Inc.

-Steve & Ro, Orleans

“…kept us informed”

Thank you so much for building our house in Eastham and doing such a wonderful job.  The design is beautiful!  The house looks fabulous and is in our opinion the prettiest looking house in the neighborhood.  When we started this project we were apprehensive about what to expect being “off cape” and not being able to travel out to the site regularly. But the experience was really a “painless” one. You handled everything so professionally and thoroughly and kept us informed about the progress of this project every step of the way. We had nothing to worry about.

– Ed & Jean, Eastham

“…we love our kitchen!”

Thank you for such a good job.  We love our kitchen!  It was great working with Deb.  Her expertise and willingness to help us in choosing the products made the process easy and enjoyable.

– Norm & Margaret, West Dennis

“…The school has benefited”

We always love to receive notes from our clients, but this one was extra special!  We installed an additional tether ball pole for our neighbors at St. Pius X School and received this note in the mail…

Dear Mr. George Davis,

I just wanted to thank you for helping the school with the tether ball outside of our school.  Me, my friends and pretty much the whole school use them about everyday.  It is very fun, and better than sitting around the field doing nothing for 15 minuets.  It is a good way to keep the students active and have fun at the same time.  I think the school has benefitted from them by keeping everyone active after sitting around doing school work all morning.  it is obvious that kids are excited to play and are having a good time with their friends.

– Gillian, St. Pius X School, South Yarmouth

“…positive and pleasant”

Now that our renovation/remodeling project is completed, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of you for a job well done.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished project. …We have heard many “nightmare” stories from various friends and acquaintances regarding construction projects at their home.  Needless to say, our experience with every aspect of our project was positive and pleasant.  Every person, including the office staff, the sub-contractors and the full and part-time employees made this undertaking very positive and rewarding.  We appreciate your attention to every detail.

– Linda & Barbara, East Dennis

“…just in time for Memorial Day Weekend…”

We arrived on Cape Friday afternoon.  On Saturday, my son, daughter-in-law, and three young grandchildren stormed in.  Especially with the rain, we used that bathroom, giving it a great christening!  Showers… baths… loads and loads of laundry… teeth brushing… a zillion uses of the toilet.  All your work got RAVE reviews!  Young and old alike absolutely loved the new bathroom.  On Tuesday morning our family drove away and I took a look at the bathroom and was more than pleased with the work you all did.

Thanks for finishing on time!  Thanks for finishing on budget!  Deb and George, thanks to you both!

– Jack & Marilyn, South Yarmouth

“…workmanship second to none”

Rhonda & I are delighted with the completed work and really couldn’t be happier. It is now a home that we will keep in our family, probably for the rest of our lives. Your work was extremely professional and the workmanship second to none as far as we are concerned. Working with you and your staff was a very pleasurable experience, and your guidance and direction throughout the project proved to be extremely helpful. We made the right decision when we signed with you and would recommend you and your company to anyone looking to do a similar project to their property.

– Carmen & Rhonda, South Yarmouth

“…such a small thing but really thoughtful”

I came back from the hospital last night and just want to let you all know I was absolutely thrilled to see the bathroom finished.  It is even more beautiful than I had anticipated and I really couldn’t be happier.  We also appreciate that it was finished on time and the area was cleaned up and looking great when I got here.  Having a shower curtain there until the door is installed is a small thing but really thoughtful and helpful.  Thank you!

– Bing & Eileen, Hyannis

“…best in class”

I do want to say it’s been a pleasure working with the George Davis, Inc. Team.  You have truly educated us on what’s involved in a remodel project.  You’ve been very patient with us as well and so accommodating to work with. Your professionalism and craftsmanship are best in class.  We wish you much success! Thank you ALL!  Happy Summer!

– Luke & Wendy, Orleans

“…highest quality work”

We absolutely LOVE our new kitchen.  It’s gorgeous and so functional.  It’s such a pleasure dealing with you.  You do what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it.  You’re honest, dependable and do the highest quality work. It doesn’t get any better than that!

– Janine & Ed, Dennis

“…highly professional results”

Each member of the crew is an expert in his own specialty and yet they all worked together as a team to produce excellent and highly professional results. I can recommend, without reservations, the quality and beauty of the work performed by the George Davis, Inc.

– Morris & Susan, Centerville

“…respectful and helpful in every way”

Now that our work is nearly complete, I’d like to give you some feedback. We have enjoyed working with you. You have always been honest with us. You met deadlines. Also, whenever there was a concern you made every effort to make it right. You should know that your workers hold you in high esteem. One of them told us that he wouldn’t work for anyone else. You are fair but you expect perfection in the work being done under your name. Because of the trust that we had in you we were able to enjoy St. Maarten and Florida without worrying about our house.

We were not here when a lot of the work was being done so we didn’t get to meet many workers.  We would like to comment on a few of them in particular. Ben was wonderful to work with. He came to the door in the morning and told us what to expect over the next few days. I think he did a lot of work on the ceiling in the great room.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Dave, who worked on the deck, is a hard worker. I don’t think he ever took a break. I know that the deck involved a lot of precision work. It looks great.  The seats are wonderful. A neighbor who used to build decks said that this is one of the best decks that he has ever seen. I’d also like to mention Chris who did the shingle work. He, too, was a hard worker and very respectful. Jose did whatever he was asked to do and never said a word. I’ll miss him! Finally, Shawn got right back to us and was helpful in every way, especially with details.

All of the workers wearing George Davis shirts were respectful and helpful in every way. You can tell that they take pride in their work. It is the quality of work that counts. It is a tribute to you that these men do such fine work and are a pleasure to work with.

George, we would recommend you to anyone. We have already told people how pleased we are with you, your workers, and their work. Friends are amazed at the transformation of our house.

– Corinne & Roger, Dennis

“…expertise exceeded our expectations”

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you and your team did in renovating our house.  It was a pleasure to work with you.  As a designer and builder, your expertise exceeded our expectations.  You have an admirable work ethic and that quality was reflected in the work of everyone who worked on our house.  We also appreciated your attention to detail and your timely responses to all of our e-mails and phone calls.

– Greg & Jean, Cummaquid

“…punctual, polite, and pleasant”

I’m very pleased with the stairway project.  Your employees were punctual, polite, and pleasant.  The finished product is exactly what I wanted and I would be quite confident in recommending your services in the future.  I very much appreciate your professionalism.

– Marguerite, Yarmouthport

“…absolutely no complaints”

I am pleased that the project was done the day before Storm Irene hit- all survived, although I was waiting for one of the white pines to come crashing down on my new deck!  The guys that worked on the house were great- absolutely no complaints.  They worked all day, acted professionally and displayed excellent craftsmanship.  I am, once again, very pleased with the experience and have received favorable comments on the project.

– Gerry, Plymouth

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