Vendor List

Being a small, local business, we like to support our fellow small, local businesses. Obviously our clients are able to shop and make selections online if they so choose, but we are more than happy to visit our local vendors with you, where you experience their knowledge and expertise first hand, applying it to your project.  Then we in turn are able to work directly with the vendors ourselves, keeping track of all your selections for you.


      George Davis Builders

      To our friends and customers

      More than ever, we have come together in our homes. In fact, our homes are more important to us than ever. They are our workplace, our safe place, a refuge for our families. For each homeowner, our goal has always been to listen to you, to envision with you, to create a place of happiness and well-being. A space and place where you and your family feel connected and at peace. Since 1988, our family has grown, both in the business sense and personally. From a company of one started while George was a student at Babson College to an award winning Design Build company with offices in Yarmouth and Orleans, we remain dedicated to and so very proud of both families- our work one and our five kids. Never more have we realized or valued the concepts of home and of family. We imagine we are not alone. As we celebrate our essential workers and give our time and treasure to our community, we remain hopeful that what we value and who we value matters. Brighter days and homes filled with family and friends are returning soon. Let’s plan for that together.